Coloured, latex modified cement grout for ceramic, glass mosaic, porcelain and non-moisture
sensitive natural stones tiles
MasterTile 530 is a fine coloured latex modified
powder which, when mixed with water, gives a
smooth, easily applied creamy paste for clean
grouting of ceramic tiles. It sets to a decorative
water-resistant finish.
 Water-resistant (suitable for swimming pools)
 Available in a range of colours
 Resistant to cracking in joints up to 6mm wide
 Ideal for internal and exterior applications
 Formulated for Middle East conditions
 Resistant to mould growth
MasterTile 530 is a blend of hydrophobic cement,
fillers and organic additives.
MasterTile 530 is available in 10 kg and 18 kg
BS 5980 – Cementitious Adhesives and Grouts
ANSI 118.7 (Polymer Modified Cement Grouts)
BS EN 13888 CG2
Mixed density @25°C 1777 kg/m³
Allow at least 24 hours between fixing tiles and
grouting. Mix grout powder with water to give a
smooth, thick consistency.
Leave to stand for 15 minutes before using. Apply
to tile joints with a squeegee, brush or sponge.
Remove surplus grout with a damp sponge. When
grouting is completed, polish tiles with a dry cloth.


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