High performance, polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive for high risk conditions
MasterTile 30 is a polymer enriched, cementitious tile adhesive for thin or thick bed fixing of ceramics tiles in interior or exterior situations, especially those exposed to permanently wet conditions.
This versatile, easy-to-handle, polymer modified adhesive is perfect for fixing materials such as marble, stone cladding and brick slips. The weight of which should not exceed 40kg/m2unless mechanical fixing is also used.
It provides strong adhesion to cement/sand screeds, to in-situ/pre-cast and aerated concrete, and brickwork. It is also suitable for substrate such as glazed tiles, Vitrified tiles & terrazzo (on floor)
MasterTile 30 is the adhesive of choice for swimming pools and may be used with confidence in all wet process applications.
• Tile on tile applications
• Ceramics, Vitrified tiles, Granite (Floor)
• Swimming pools, Abattoirs, shower rooms
• Institutional kitchens, bathrooms
• Decorative cladding
• Laboratories, hospitals, canteens, etc
• Tiling corridors, pavements, podiums and roofs
Waterproof – immersion will not affect adhesion
Non-slip has excellent grab properties- good for vertical applications
Thin or Thick bed – multi-purpose
Forms a watertight barrier – suitable for immersion
High adhesive bond strength –suitable for large tiles
: Free flowing grey powder
Fresh wet density
: 1.70 kg/litre
Water/powder ratio, by weight
: 0.18 – 0.210
Open time (EN 1346)
: > 0.5 N/mm2 ( upto 10 min)
Tensile Adhesion at room temperature (EN 1348)
Tensile Adhesion under water
Immersion (EN 1348)
Heat Ageing ( EN 1348)
Chloride content
Foot traffic / Groutable
: > 0.5 N/mm2
: > 0.5 N/mm2
: > 0.5 N/mm2
: < 0.2%
: 24 Hours at 25oC
*All above properties have been tested at water powder ratio 0.210
Surface preparation
The substrate must be solid, clean and load-bearing. Oil stains, bond-inhibiting surfaces and contaminations must be thoroughly removed. Irregularities on walls are to be levelled with MasterEmaco N303 or polymer modified mortar using MasterEmaco 131.Very absorbent cement based substrate and aerated concrete are to be primer with MasterSeal 511. Allow primer to dry. Freshly installed cement screeds must not have residual moisture content above 5 %.
Concrete, screeds, renders, and block work should be cured sufficiently to allow for most of the shrinkage movements.
Tiles must be dry, and their surfaces free of contaminants that could impair adhesion.
Do not soak tiles in water before lying.
Place gauging water in a clean mixing vessel. Add powder and mix with a suitable mechanical stirrer until a plastic, lumps free consistency is achieved.
While part mixing, add MasterTile 30 to clean water with a ratio of 5:1 by weight or 3.7:1 by volume.


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