An elastomeric, cement based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry
MasterSeal 588 powder is a blend of Portland
cements, selected silica sands and modifying
agents. When mixed to a slurry consistency with
MasterSeal 588 liquid, an acrylic polymer
emulsion, it can be easily applied by brush or
roller. It cures to give an elastomeric flexible
MasterSeal 588 must be reinforced with mesh
across all construction joints and cracks. The
reinforcing mesh may be either 100% virgin
polypropylene or MasterSeal 958, an alkali
resistant glass-fibre mesh depending on which
particular enhanced tensile properties are required,
please consult your local BASF Technical Service
Representative for further advice on the correct
selection of mesh.
 For waterproofing of water-retaining structures
which may be subject to movement.
 To protect concrete from water, carbonation
and deicing salts.
 Suitable for internal and external use, against
positive and negative water pressure.
 Suitable for use in wet area waterproofing
where tiles are to be installed directly on top of
the membrane using a proprietary tile
 Can be applied to damp substrates.
 Thin layer application.
 Equipment to be cleaned simply with water.
 Retains flexibility when submerged
 Good chemical resistance against soft water,
domestic waste water, manure or other liquids
moderately aggressive to mineral substrates
 Withstands occasional foot traffic
 Freeze-thaw resistant
 Water vapour permeable
 CO2 barrier
 Once cured, a 2 mm thick MasterSeal 588
membrane will accommodate movement up to
0.6 mm
 Simple and fast method of treating cracks and
 Quick and easy brush or roller application


35 Kg


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