Dual shrinkage compensated, trowelable fibre reinforced thixotropic repair mortar
MasterEmaco S 488 trowelable mortar is a dual shrinkage compensated, thixotropic high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs.
MasterEmaco S 488 is suitable for placing in thicknesses of 12mm to 50 mm both vertically and overhead.
MasterEmaco S 488 provides a durable, strong structural repair fully compatible with host concrete. RECOMMENDED USES
MasterEmaco S 488 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs where the thickness of repair is more than 12mm and use of hand or machine applied structural repair systems is required. Typical applications are:
• Extensive repairs to beams, columns and other structural elements.
• Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading.
• Repairs to piers, navigation locks, dams seawalls and other marine structures
• Repairs to bridges, tunnels, garages, silos etc. FEATURES AND BENEFITS
• Dual shrinkage compensated – Volume stable in wet and hardened state reducing cracking tendency
• One component, factory made only addition of water – Uniform predictable performance even in remote situations
• No bonding agent required – Simple installation
• Impermeable to aggressive elements- Long life repairs
• Sprayable – Able to repair complex profiles easily with minimal rebound
• Fast and easy placing – Reduced time for repairs
Grey powder
Water powder ratio
Approx. 2300 kg/m3
Application temperature
+5 to +40°C
+5 to +30°C
Mixing water per 25kg bag
Approx. 3.25 – 3.75
Compressive strength (ASTM C109 7cm cube)
20 MPa 1 Day
50 MPa 3 Days
60 MPa 7 Days
70 MPa 28 Days
Flexural Strength
(ASTM C348)
>9 MPa @ 28 days
Tensile Strength
(ASTM C496)
>4 MPa @ 28 days
Resistivity approx.
Water penetration
< 5mm
Coefficient of Oxygen diffusion
2.58 x 10-8
Surface preparation
All loose traces of concrete or mortar, dust, grease oil, etc. must be removed. Damaged or contaminated concrete shall be removed to obtain a keyed aggregate exposed surface. Non-impact/ vibrating cleaning methods, e.g. grit or high pressure water blasting are recommended. Cut the edges of the repair vertically to a minimum depth of 5 mm. Clean all exposed reinforcement to a minimum grade of Sa 2 according to ISO 8501-1 / ISO 2944-4. Ensure back of reinforcing bar is also clean.
Where reinforcing bars are corroded, cut back the concrete to at least 20mm behind the reinforcing bars. Grit blast around the reinforcing bars to remove corrosion products and coat with MasterEmaco P 130 to give corrosion protection.. Replace the affected part of rebar if the diameter after grit blasting is found reduced by more than 20% of the original diameter on the advice of the structural engineer responsible for the works.
Only full bags are mixed. Damaged or opened bags should not be used. Mix MasterEmaco S 488 in a forced action pan mixer, or with a helical paddle attached to a low speed (300-600rpm) mixer for 3 minutes until a lump free, thixotropic consistency is achieved. Only use clean water. Mixing water needed: 3.25 to 3.75litres per 25kg bag. Allow the mortar to rest for 2 – 3 minutes and then remix briefly before applying. If the temperature is more than 300C then use chilled water for the mixing water.


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